5 creative ways to revamp your old coffee table

5 creative ways to revamp your old coffee table

If you have a old coffee table which does not fit with your aesthetic and if you have decided to throw it away or buying new one, then it well recommended to reconsider the below 5 creative ways to revamp your old coffee table to make it as new shining one. In which utilizing few tools and techniques, you can make your coffee table from dull to the shine just by following the few simple steps. The following are 5 simple creative ways that helps you to make your coffee table to look beautiful and elegant one. They are.

  • Sand and re-varnish your coffee table
  • Paint your coffee table with the existing beautiful colors to look stylish and good
  • Upholster your coffee table depending on your taste and requirement
  • Make your coffee table cushion by using the cushion materials
  • Add the coffee table with the faux marble

If you are desire to include some dimension and depth to your particular living space, then you could create a faux granite coffee table top for giving the best finish to your coffee table. All you need to do is this just you need to use the contact paper and measuring tool for making the table to properly shine at all places.


The above are 5 creative ways to revamp your old coffee table of bringing some beautiful and stylish life to your old coffee table. In which depending on your personal aesthetics you can choose the color of the wood that you like to give to your wood furniture where this will protect your wood object from the pest and other kinds of the damage. Where the best option is to use the sand and varnish for protecting the wood object for lifetime from the pest where this takes only few short hours of time.